Integrative Cancer Support

Women’s Cancer Wellness

Be Supported … and Lead a Courageous Life

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast, uterine, cervical or ovarian cancer, we are here to see you as an individual, listen to you, and help you find answers to your questions. We will support you in choosing a treatment plan that allows you to feel secure, safe and well.  We will encourage you in all possible ways.

Our commitment to you is to guide, support and walk with you down your chosen treatment path, so that you feel taken care of and confident and continue to live a healthy and vital life throughout your journey and beyond.

Our Women’s Cancer Wellness Care Offerings Include:

Our Women’s Cancer Wellness Care Doctor is: Dr. Lisa Dickinson, ND

She is the Owner and Chief Medical Officer of Amber Wellness Group.  The following related services are offered by Amber Wellness Group and include:

Appointments may be scheduled online or by calling 971-319-0045.